About me….

I’ve been working in the collaboration space since 1999, where I was working for a software company called divine Inc. – they had recently acquired another company that was a spin-off from UBS called ‘Parlano’.

Parlano had a product called MindAlign – and it was used by investment banks as a way of collaborating as teams, replacing hoot and holler voice comms.
I didn’t get it… well not at first at any rate. I though chat rooms were for kids etc. I’d been using IRC since the early 90’s but didn’t see how it would work in the business world. Then  I went and visited the trading floor at UBS – it was quiet! In a former life I’d been an equity dealer for a buy side investment bank and I’d been a client of UBS for many years, I’d also seen a lot of other trading floors and they were normally pretty loud. I then asked some of the people who I used to do business with about why and they showed me how they used chat. It was one of those lights going on moments.
After that I became fully emerged in the world of collaboration.

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